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Q3:2021 Learning From Experience

ZGEN Newsletter 3Q21: Learning From Experience Dear ZGEN Alumni, American philosopher John Dewey taught that, “we do not learn from experience … we learn from reflecting on experience.” However, in entrepreneurial circles, we often hear a mantra with a persistent push to the next experience: “fail fast,” “fail often,” or “fail forward.” This quarter’s newsletter […]

Q2:2021 The Covid-Pivot Edition

ZGEN Newsletter 2Q21: The COVID-Pivot Edition Dear ZGEN Alumni, Embracing change and pivoting are embedded in the definition of entrepreneurship. But the dramatic disruption of the COVID-19 Pandemic made pivoting seem almost ubiquitous. Nearly every facet of our personal and professional lives has been upended over the past year. For many ZGEN entrepreneurs, this has […]

Q1:2021 Inaugural Issue

Welcome to the Inaugural ZGEN Newsletter! Dear ZGEN Alumni, As our global network continues to grow each year, the ZGEN team remains focused on delivering value to our alumni by keeping the community informed, fostering strong relationships between individuals, providing a platform for productive discussion, and bringing the Kellogg, Michigan ZLI, and IDC networks together. […]